About CardCrazy

CardCrazy began in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2013 as a single store named Cards2cash. The founders believed that an unused gift card was money wasted. Although gift cards made fantastic presents, many remained forgotten in a drawer. Cards2Cash provided a solution by offering cash for unwanted gift cards. Within three years, Cards2Cash grew to multiple locations across the United States and was ready for the next endeavor—a safe online platform where customers can buy and sell gift cards. Thus, CardCrazy was born.

CardCrazy is the perfect online marketplace for unwanted gift cards, egift cards, and merchandise credits. CardCrazy’s safe, user-friendly interface allows customers to buy and sell gift cards at their leisure. Shoppers wanting to save money can purchase discounted gift cards for thousands of popular retail stores, restaurants, services, and websites. For those who wish to sell gift cards, CardCrazy provides an intuitive, secure platform to do so.

Whether you shop in one of our Cards2Cash retail locations or online at CardCrazy, our customer service team is there for you every step of the way. Don’t lose money with an unwanted gift card. Instead, buy and sell gift cards, egift cards, and merchandise credits with us. CardCrazy is your gift card connection.