About CardCrazy

In 2013, Cards2Cash was founded as a single store that purchased unwanted gift cards. Within three years, it grew to include multiple locations across the United States. Cards2Cash expanded to include a comprehensive website, called CardCrazy, where customers can buy and sell gift cards online.

The experiences learned from our retail locations has enabled CardCrazy to understand our customers better, allowing us to provide excellent customer service, both online and in our retail locations. Our retail store experience has also helped us identify and prevent fraudulent behavior. CardCrazy provides a safe and secure environment for your gift card sales and purchases.

CardCrazy understands that an unwanted gift card is money wasted, and we provide you with the opportunity to turn your card back into cash. Whether you buy a discounted gift card or sell a gift card, we’re there for you every step of the way. CardCrazy is your one-stop gift card shop.