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In the digital age, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones are essential for success, but as we all know, the newest technologies often come with a high price tag. At CardCrazy, we sell discounted gift cards and merchandise credits to some of the country’s most popular computer & software retailers such as Apple, Best Buy, Dell and Staples, just to name a few, meaning that you can get that new laptop or tablet you’re been wanting without paying top dollar.

Whether you are looking to setup a home office with all the bells and whistles, including a high powered desktop computer, a large format flat screen monitor and a wireless printer, or you just want to upgrade your existing tablet so you can browse the internet in style while you’re on-the-go, our discounted gift cards are right for you. And if it’s software you are looking for, our reduced price gift cards, which are good as cash, can also be used to purchase programs like QuickBooks, which are designed to help your small business run more smoothly or educational software to help your children excel in their studies.

And if you are a college student looking to outfit your dorm room with the technologies needed to ensure success, CardCrazy gift cards are perfect for you, too. When combined with existing back-to-school sales, you can save even more on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers and software packages. And for the tech lover in your life, CardCrazy gift cards make the perfect gift.

Help alleviate the sticker shock associated with making technology purchases with a little help from your friends at CardCrazy. With our discounted gift cards and merchandise credits you can rest assured that you’ll never pay full price for hardware and software again.

Do you have a gift card for a computer or software retailer you’d like to sell? We pay top dollar! You can get cash on the spot by visiting one of our retail locations in Kentucky, New Mexico, Virginia or Missouri, or complete our quick and easy online form to get a bid on your unwanted gift cards!