What are the advantages of selling my gift cards to Cards2Cash as compared to other buyers?

Cards2Cash.com offers top dollar for unwanted gift cards. We take pride in paying the highest possible percentage rate for your gift cards and merchandise return credits, both online and in our many retail locations. Cards2Cash.com pays close attention to current market trends and we alter our percentage rates accordingly. Daily fluctuation is a result of current market trends, and we continually work to stay on top of these trends, ensuring top dollar for your unwanted gift card. At Cards2Cash.com we pay you the highest possible percent for your cards – all the time!

Our Cards2Cash retail locations pay customers cash on the spot for gift cards and merchandise return cards, with no wait! Why wait hours, or even days, to get money for your unwanted cards when you can get cash today? Visit any of our stores in St. Louis, MO or across Virginia to see just how easy it is to turn that unwanted gift card into cash.

Cards2Cash.com is the best deal on the market! Whether you visit us online or in one of our stores, you can rest assured that you will get the most money possible for your unwanted gift cards and merchandise return cards, with no wait! What do you have to lose?

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Jennifer Hojnacki